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About The Name

Perceptual Positions is a psychological term meaning "a complex system may look very different, and different information will be available, depending how one looks at it, and one’s point of view."

The name Perceptual Positions is a reflection of my experience of living with PTSD. In addition to how PTSD has affected my individual perceptual position, my involvement and use of my ability as a guide to blind and visually impaired athletes further enhances my perceptual points of view.     

My personal perceptual positions when I am engaged in various life situations directly reflects how I live with PTSD. And in guiding blind and visually impaired athletes, I have learned that I must provide meaningful verbal and tactile cues to the impaired individual in order to achieve success. In both instances, information I receive and give is based on how I interpret my environment and how I experience myself in relationship to others.

Our Goal:
Raising Awareness for PTSD

Through the design and sale of my products and designs, I hope to create awareness of PTSD, and allow those suffering with this disease to connect with others and access interpersonal support. It is possible to live well again after being wounded, and having seen others wounded and dying.

Yet there is another facet of PTSD awareness that is crucial and necessary: the loved ones of those with PTSD need to know that you never fully forget the trauma. With capable and enduring effort and determination, the afflicted PTSD-survivor can develop trauma-free methods of coping, and acquire a newly-constructed reality. Such a differing new world view evolves as a result of the increased awareness accompanied by changes to our perceptual positions.You can connect with others on my Facebook page.

For more resource information on PTSD, visit our Links Page.

The Date


Did You Know This Date?
National PTSD Awareness Day is June 27th. Wear my original designed PTSD Tee Shirts or Lapel Pin on this day, and every day, to raise people’s awareness about PTSD.

I am "okay", revealing to others that I live with PTSD. Are you?
My PTSD products are available in sizes to fit the members of your whole family, and to show others that all wounds deserve appropriate and adequate medical care. Wear your support , because PTSD awareness matters.